Update 7/19/2017: We’ve heard from quite a few folks about not liking the subscription model.  We haven’t worked out the details yet as we’ve been busy with other things, but we will have a “regular” license where you just pay once and then own the software.  Stay tuned for details at a later date.


Perhaps we’re jumping a little bit ahead, but we’re beginning to think about the different versions, or SKUs, of Origins that we’re going to make available.  None of this is set in stone, and we’re definitely looking for feedback, but it’s helpful to think about this early in the process so we can target our development efforts.  As of right now, we’re planning on offering the following versions:

  • Origins Free: Basic functionality, with some unique features not available elsewhere.
  • Origins Standard: All features except those that require access to our online-services (speech enablement, collaboration, etc), and some super-advanced stuff.  You’ll still be able to do online research within Origins, and still be able to access any other online sites (Ancestry, Family Search, Find My Past, My Heritage, etc.) from within Origins and capture data.
  • Origins Deluxe: All functionality.

As far as pricing goes, here are our initial thoughts:

  • Origins Free: No cost (hence the clever name), but ad-supported.  For a small fee, you can opt out of the ads.  This is versioned, meaning that if you wish to upgrade, you can go back to the ads in the new version, or pay the opt-out fee again.
  • Origins Standard: Subscription model (monthly cost), but pretty small.  This is an evergreen model.  As long as you are paying the monthly subscription, you will have access to the latest and greatest version of Origins.
  • Origins Deluxe: same model as Standard, slightly higher monthly cost.  Some advanced features may be available ala-carte at an additional cost – this is still TBD – but will likely be just those services that cost us money to deliver.


We’re currently looking to deliver Origins Free this summer (2017), Origins Standard in the fall, and Origins Deluxe sometime early in 2018 – hopefully by Roots Tech 2018 in late February.

Certainly there’s a lot of detail we need to work out here, and we’ll be working with our Advisors group to iron things out as we get further along, but what are your thoughts?